Dr. Drew teaches a variety of courses at the graduate and undergraduate level. In the spring of 2021 he will be teaching EFB 202 Diversity of Life II  (undergraduate) and EFB 797 Core Course on grant proposal writing (graduate)


EFB 211 Diversity of Life 2

Feb 8th 2021 to May 7th 2021

Introductory exploration of the diversity of life at local, regional and global scales. Hands-on laboratory exercises explore the form, function, diversity, ecology, and evolution of living organisms, focusing on microbes, protistans and things with faces.

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EFB 797 Core Class

Feb 8th 2021 to May 7th 2021

This course will teach core writing skills to incoming graduate students with an emphasis on proposal writing and preparing them for their thesis proposals.


Seminar on Historical Ecology

Feb 8th 2021 - May 7th 2021

This graduate level course is a hands on approach towards using historical data to reconstruct ecosystems of the past. The goal of this class will be to submit a manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal